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Since I was a child I was related to music, I can consider myself a music lover from a very early age. One of the first styles that I heard and that captivated me was flamenco. Groups like The Beatles and Santana were also part of my first musical tastes.

All this became more established when in family gatherings where we enjoyed different styles. Little by little the desire to play instruments was born.

At first I thought of drums, but as time went by I discovered a beautiful muse that captivated me: a wooden guitar with nylon strings that belonged to one of my neighbors. Little by little and in a self-taught way I began to daydream. From the age of 15 I began to listen to cassettes and vinyl … that’s how I fell in love with music.

The years went by and the great leap to electric guitar came. The 90s arrived and at the same time came the gender change of the 80s: Glam, Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. With this change the musical world expanded.

The starting point was the first band I participated in: Perla del Desierto, a rock band from the 90s. This band was created with friends from the neighborhood.

I was part of several Covers bands until in 2002 I came to Serpientes, a rock band with their own songs.

Unfortunately, and as happens in many cases, there was a pause and withdrawal from the musical world. A period between 2005 to 2010. Little by little I was taking up the musical theme with Blues and again a cover band: Khanda.

Since then there have been many projects and in 2019 I decided to record some bases, which were left on standby due to pandemic issues. Just this year, 2021, I decided to take up this project and release themes with different styles, colors, hidden and personal sensations. For this reason I want to welcome you to “Circus of my Life”, a project that is made up of many musical styles, the same ones that are in my DNA.



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